Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water damage in Bedroom

In these photos it is easy to see that there was severe water damage above a bedroom in a home. Thankfully the owners were not home when the ceiling started bre... READ MORE

Water Damage in Apartment

Before and after pictures of a leaky pipe in apartment. It was very urgent that this problem was fixed because if it was not it can cause serious problems such ... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Garage

A pipe burst in garage. This was an emergency. The crew went to clean up the water and fix the broken pipe immediately. After they arrived to the scene just hou... READ MORE

Flooded crawl space

This was a flooded crawl space in Southold New York In December, two broken pipes on the first level caused water to fill it up with over two feet of water. We ... READ MORE

Break in water line

We were called into this loss by the homeowner in December, the home is located in Patchogue, New York. The photos do not justify the amount of water that was d... READ MORE

Expansion Tank leak

Homeowners were away for a while, upon arriving home they discovered about six inches of water throughout the entire basement area, as you can see, due to the h... READ MORE

Hot water heater leak

This was a hot water heater leak in the basement den in North Babylon New York, the water was probably running for a couple of days until the homeowner went d... READ MORE

Hot water release valve

This was in August of 2017 in New Hyde Park, New York. A hot water relief valve ruptured allowing hot water to flow throughout the entire basement area causing ... READ MORE