Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Closet mold

This was a mold remediation job that we had done in November in East Islip, New York. There was a small air conditioning leak near the pan that had gone unnoti... READ MORE

Mold Remediation at a water plant.

We performed a mold remediation job in Dix Hills New York in December at a water relay facility. There was a constant water dripping for a while with no clean u... READ MORE

Mold in Crawl space

This remediation job was done this September 2017 in Wheatley Heights N.Y. Water was running for a time in the basement before it was discovered. The mold had e... READ MORE

Attic mold

This was a home in East Islip, NY, on September 2017, they were selling their home and the Home Inspector discovered this in their attic. The buyers had young c... READ MORE

Mold in basement

An apartment in Patchogue N.Y. had an odor coming from the bedroom area, when we arrived we seen mold on numerous areas in the area, Bedroom was sealed off, mol... READ MORE

Attic mold

This was a house in West Babylon that was for sale, a home inspector discovered this on the buyers behalf, we were called in to remediate, they closed on the ho... READ MORE


This is a State owned facility. Over the years all kind of contaminates have been building up including traces of mold, duet, soot and all other kinds of irrita... READ MORE

Mold build up

Mold must have been here for a while, with the right process everyone is happy and are in a clean environment, the men and women are happy to be having lunch ag... READ MORE

Mold remediation, Police sub station N.Y.

This is a Police sub station in New York on Long Island. This unit has not had anyone in it in a very long time. The building flooded and was left cold and dark... READ MORE

Police sub station N.Y.

More areas in the Police substation, This unit was uninhabited for 10 months before we were contacted regarding the remediation, unit was complete and ready for... READ MORE